New toy for my test

today I received this toy from aliexpress to test, can you give me some advice?



certainly this is the first rule!!!

It seems odd to me that the actual packet says FDX-B, and the label inserted on the other side says FDX-A. FDX-B is 134.2KHz, you need a pet microchip reader to do anything with them, and AFAIK is pretty useless for people, and for doing anything besides reading the ID. I’m assuming it’s actually FDX-A, since the label says a 10 digit UID, and FDX-B is 15 digit. A proxmark should be able to communicate with an FDX-A tag, if you have one.

So certo tiny and cute :rofl:

Unknown Chinese chips purchased on Aliexpress are good enough for animals (although even that’s debatable), but not for humans. At least get yourself a xBT: it’s a FDX transponder also, but it’s a Destron Fearing chip sourced by DT - so you have reasonable reassurances that it’s quality, resilient and non-toxic - and you have the temperature sensing function on top of it.

In short: leave that crap in the bag and sell it to someone you don’t like.

I would NEVER be able to do such a thing :sweat_smile:

I bought it just to test before buying my second system (NEXT) :grin:

i am waiting to get my proxmark v3 from amazon, it should be able to read this too right?

Yeah ok, just needed to be said. Yes there usually t5577 chips that have a animal id written.

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In theory, yes. It seems to be a bit hit or miss, especially with a sketchy tag from who knows where. Using the ‘lf fdx’ commands from what I’ve seen, you can find some useful posts on the proxmark forums if you search proxmark fdx on google.

Not the Destron Fearing Bio Thermo. That’s custom-made stuff.

I will try to read the tag as soon as I have the proxmark in my hands and see what comes out of it

Did you know, the t5577 can also be programmed as an fdx-b animal tag?

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no I didn’t honestly know

Hence the usually :wink: all the aliexpress ones I’ve played with wether advertised or not have been t5577 chips.

Just a heads up @B4db0ycs you can actuall get them without the injectors i got a bag of 10 for playing around.

@Amal have you ever thought about putting them on the DT store?

Nope. They’d end up in people for sure. Don’t need that liability.


I did that as well, picked up a couple for under a buck each (without the injector) just to play with. I do leatherwork as a side hustle and was thinking of embedding one in a nice leather watch band or something like that.

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This is true didnt think of that :sweat_smile:

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surely i will buy more from aliexpress to do my tests, i am sure i will burn and Brick to many before learning :sweat_smile:

A little OT…
I found this on linkedin:

You know this implant?
This has a proprietary application :thinking: