New 'Ultron' member - Best learning resources?

Hey all! Just got my Spark 2 and NExT installed. I’ve been playing around with some things and got the basics of the vivokey working, have my pc set to pin from the RFID of the NExT and used NFC Tools to have the NExT NFC direct to a website.

I’ve got a pretty solid background in access control, having done install/programming on the commercial level for around 7 years, but there’s still a lot here that’s new to me. Most of that was making sure the card type matched the system type. The concept of cloning/emulating cards is definitely very new to me, and I’m not sure where to start on how to do that. Quick search around leads me to believe that to write to the EM side I’ll need a proxmark III (or similar), though there have been some issues around that in the past. There’s some cheaper ones I probably want to avoid.

I’m also very new to NFC in general. I believe the KBR1 is reading from the NFC chips in both implants. For the NExT, is that NTAG216 UID changeable? I’m not sure what it’s reading from the Spark 2, but I’m getting a consistent code.

I’ll continue browsing around the forum a bit, but I was wondering if y’all could direct me to some reading material for how to get rolling with modifying data on the EM and just NFC in general it’d be appreciated! Also, hi! Blame Qain for me being here.

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That is a great background to have “entering this world”

No sorry buddy the only HF implants currently in the DT store with changeable UIDs are the Magic Mifare implants

And the newly released Magic NTAG FlexMN, this would be the equivalent of what you are asking for as it can emulate an NTAG216 and a changeable UID.

As you stated the Proxmark3 is pretty much the tool of choice for this, although you can also use the blue cloner but it is limited to only a few (Although the most common) modes

Yeah easy, there are a few categories and threads that may be of use.

Awesome, thanks! I’m currently reading through this journey - X-Series Implantable Transponder FAQ - and I’m getting a lot of practical info out of that.

I feel like I’m learning 5 new systems for my old job right now. So much is theoretical though, I’ll have to dig into an actual project before I get a really solid grasp on everything I think.

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There are a great number of threads throughout the forum, just keep reading, and you’ll be all caught up in no time

Try this for some inspiration