New User - Spark or wait?

Hello guys, iv finaly done it, been wanting to get chipped for a while! i purchased the ultimate bundle spark + next. I installed the next in my hand 12 hrs ago, works a lot better than i would have thaught, i am verry pleased, how ever i have not had the spark implanted, my primary use case for flexone will be crypto wallets i really like the fact you will be able to run and dev java applets! I was going for the spark so i could 2fa btc transactions, but it seems overkill? would there be any reason to install both? Or am i right in assuming that all the spark functionalities will be found in the flexone? thanks for your imput!

The Spark is meant to be used with the VivoKey platform. Of course you can use the UID with compatible 3rd party access readers and things like that, but the Spark is about linking your VivoKey profile to you securely.

The Flex One will also have a VivoKey Identity Applet installed for this same purpose, as well as the ability to run autonomous java card applets. That said, I will definitely keep my Spark and my Flex One prototype… no reason to not use both really.

yeah but wont they interfere with each other? i mean you cant really get more than one per hand can you? or do you guys just chip your fore arms and toes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah you shouldn’t put it near another 13.56MHz chip. The place I put my Spark is between the ring and last metacarpal bones on the back of the hand. It works for my purposes, and installation in that location can be done safely enough if done slowly and carefully.