New VAT tax law for EU shipments

There is also from Germany.


Does the EU VAT apply on shipments coming from the US after July 1st but purchased before July 1st?

The arrival date in the EU is the important one…

!!!NOTE: The VAT and possible other postal/carrier charges will also have to be paid for goods ordered before 1 July but imported/delivered on or after this date. We recommend EU consumers to take this into account when ordering goods from outside the EU and seek more information from the postal operators regarding these additional charges!!!

From this EU page

Okay thanks.

Well this confirms that I’m a fucking idiot: this is my biggest DT spending in quite some time, and of course being an idiot, I managed to place the orders straddling the July 1 date.

Oh well, it’s only money…

Did you use the Coupon code that they provided?

Well no, it only came into effect today afaik :slight_smile:

Maybe @mdanger or @amal will give you a break and apply it or give you a credit note or something.

No need. I don’t really care no more. It’s just that I don’t like to get shafted by customs: they are one particular kind of parasites that really, really gets on my nerves.