New VivoKey product called VivoKey Spark (glass implant)


I got a VivoKey Spark, and was the first one to get implanted. Unlike the flex (flat strip) this is a VivoKey in a glass capsule. There is virtually no information about this tag, but it is reported to function like a flex, but with less storage space. If you want to read more, check this out.


You should wait for Amal to release details. Your article has (incorrect) speculation. (I have a Spark too…)


I guess that’s what happens when there’s no information available, people tend to speculate. :stuck_out_tongue:
When did you get yours implanted? What information do you have about the spark? What can be corrected.


I’m unable to release that kind of information prior to Amal’s announcement. Be patient my friend.


Hey @pips I can just say that the Spark is not a java card platform like the Flex. It is a cryptosecure implant, but the utility of it will not be made apparent until we release it officially. In the mean time, you can probably find use for it with products that read ISO15693 tags… there are some door locks, pad locks, and pistol cases that will read it out there.


Hi I just got the spark implanted at the bdyhax conf bay area today. Works great on my phone with the NXP scanner. Can I use w/PN532 and Arduino or some other MCU hardware? Thanks and excited!


The Spark is an ISO15693 tag, the PN532 only works with ISO14443 tags.


How about this one?


Looks like that should work! Now whether the antenna creates a good couple with the implant is a different story, but in general, the 15693 tags should have better range than the 14443 tags. If you get it, let us know how it works.


I ordered that one and this: (UART only)

Looks like the CR95HF is the one to use. Will report back!


Hooked this one up with an arduino and it worked great! Code here:


Can’t wait to get one too :slight_smile: