Newbie Question re Placement

Hi all, looking to get my first implant, and had a potentially stupid question re the standard placement between the thumb and forefinger, but I’m going to ask it anyway. I am a regular at the gym and was a little concerned about putting more stress than the average person might on that area, with regularly grasping bars, doing pull-ups, etc. Is that a concern at all for people, or is it sufficiently protected in that fleshy area that it’s not an issue?

I assume it’s fine, just wanted to ask.

Thank you!

It’s not an issue once it’s healed.
The only time I have an issue (mild discomfort) is if I’m gripping something that is angled back.

Typically when you grip something like a bar, your fingers are perpendicular to the object gripped. This has zero effect on the implant.

But if you are gripping something like this, it can feel uncomfortable. At least for me.

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Thank you! Good to know

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