Newbie question: Two implants (Walletmor and VivoKey Apex Flex) in one hand: Possible interference?

Hi everyone

Just a few days ago I ordered my Walletmor and I can’t wait for it to arrive.
It’s my first implant so I’m an absolute newbie to this community.

Once its released, I plan to get a VivoKey Apex Flex as well.
If possible, I’d like to get them both in my left hand. However I’m a bit worried about them interfering when being read, especially by readers with a rather large reading area like the SIX yomani

Is it realistic to get both implants as drawn in the attached image and still expect them to work flawlessly?
Edit: So I learned that the positions I consider for my Walletmor are called L3 and L5. (I think)
Is it feasible to get an implant like the Walletmor in L5?

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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Hi and welcome!
The techy guys will arrive here in a minute, but before that:

I am not too sure about putting a flex implant in the webbing of thumb and index finger.
The Walletmore might be ok at L3 (this is how it’s been agreed to refer to the location you marked).

About interference, at this distance it might not be an issue.
Expect fellow members to guide you further. They know how to play the implant-tetris =) =)

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I have some collision issues on payment terminals with this layout

It really works out better if the implants are turned 90% axially, so like one on the knife edge of your hand and one on the back between the finger bones. That way you can turn your whole hand. It’s really tough when they’re on the same flat plane because the flex have great range and the payment terminals are some of the most powerful readers out there cause they really want your money.


@Atilla Thanks for mentioning the location conventions. I found the guide at - I’m actually not sure if I want the Walletmor in L3 or L5(?) yet. Probably L5 if possible.

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Do you use the flexDF often? How convenient is that position?

I use it to “unlock” my phone and very occasionally to share my LinkedIn profile, but no, not really. I’ve had it for awhile and I’m thinking about having it removed, but I want to have another flex ready to pop in that spot. Maybe the Apex. The position is really convenient, although I do get a bit of irritation from the implant running against a large vein in that area every once in awhile.

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I somehow thought you could use the flexDF for payments as well, my bad.
Since I’m probably gonna use the VivoKey primarily with my smartphone I now consider that position as well.

You can in completely internal systems like college campuses, but not on the credit card networks. Unfortunately it’s not cloneable and most systems won’t let you “enroll” your own card, they just supply you with one. Business RFID infrastructure is built on flawed legacy system structures and a complete lack of understanding by the user base

Oh I know. I don’t expect my implants to replace any of my regular RFID cards by any means.
I’ll approach the vendor of our parking system ( anyway. Opening our barrier “by hand” would be awesome.

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Have you done a scan of your parkingpay card with Taginfo?

Looking at this, I am guessing it maybe Mifare DESFire EV1 or EV2

TagInfo can’t read the tag. NFC Tools says ISO 14443-3A with NfcA, MifareClassic, NdefFormatable with a 4 byte serial number.


Since it says mifare classic, maybe try to scan it with the Mifare Classic Tool? If you can initiate a clone from there, it’s fle(x)M1 I guess.
But idk, seems unlikely, might be some strange tag.

The Mifare Classic Tool seems to be able to read the tag without any issues.
However we’re getting quite off topic since this is something that I can worry about once I actually got an implant…

Not really, If this is one of the functions you are considering, you want to find out exactly what you are dealing with.
Personally, I would use Taginfo because it is more accurate with identifying chip types.
NFC Tools has other strengths, but that is not one of them.
If it is Mifare Classic 1k byte, that is potentially good news

But it is your thread

It would be nice if I was able to use one of those implants instead of my parking card but that’s not why I want to get them.

Do you have an iPhone? TagInfo on iOS sucks

No, a Nokia 7.2 with Android 10

hmm… what does taginfo do? does it give a dialog box pop up fade away error message thingy toward the bottom of the screen?

Yes! It says

Sorry, there seem to be serious errors communicating with the tag. Scanning it may not be possible.

However I don’t really care about the parking card right know. If I can replace it by an implant, that’s fine. It not, that’s fine too.

Right now it’s important for me to get my implant layout straight. Do you think L5 is feasible for something like a Walletmor?

Ohh I just found the VivoKey Flex Device Installation Procedure Guide.

Judging by pictures, the Walletmor looks just like a VivoKey Flex.
Is it the same size too?
Can the same procedure be used to implant a Walletmor?
(The website says an incision is required.)