Newbie Questions

I’m really new to all this, but super keen to move forward. I have looked through the forum (not thoroughly) but I’m interested in getting a chip for payWave and access fobs. I have a few mates all interested as well. What is needed to get started ie: hardware, software? Sorry if this insults anyone, just looking to be an early adopter. What are the setup costs/ any ongoing costs?

Thanks for your patience…

Definitely check out the FAQ category… specifically;

Haha, I had the same question, I’m already going to the FAQ. Thanks

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Thanks for that, looks like Im after an xM1+, any idea when they will be available for purchase again?

We’re working on it… should have news after Christmas. Check this thread for updates;

Hi Amal,

Can you suggest another chip that I could use instead? I have a HID iClass fob that I want to store on to a chip for access to my building. Ideally I’d love to store wallet details for my crypto currencies as well if it was possible (I know, what a knob).

If you can suggest something, is there a cloner I can buy as well to complete the installation myself?

Thanks for your help thus far, Sorry to hear about the bad xM1 delivery.

I also would like to know about this. Thanks for the thread here.

Hi Amal,

any chance you can suggest another option for a HiD fob? I want to get something if its suitable relatively soon. I would just need a way of cloning the rfid i currently have.