Newbie Sucsesful Self Install (I thingk)


A week ago I took the plunge with some implants a week ago, I put a NExT chip in my left hand and for giggles I put a xSIID in my right. I’m impatient and also finding someone here in OR would be hard since it’s illegal for a piercer to install… I did some reading and watched some videos and with appropriate caution I installed both chips myself.

It’s been a week and things seem to be healing ok. I was able to read (and blink) both chips immediately after install and ever since.

I do have one question though - the NExT chip in my right hand is almost completely invisible, I can barely even feel it (though I’m trying to be gentile until things are healed fully). The xSIID in my left hand though is very visible (I’m not complaining) even when my hand is fairly relaxed and I can feel it easily. I’m guessing this is just due to difference is fat in each of my hands (?) but just wondering if anyone has any insight.

The first pic is with my hands somewhat flexed, the other is relaxed, not sure how helpful they are but I’ll include them anyway.

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Both look fine to me. After the swelling goes down, my guess is you’ll be able to feel the NExT, and the xSIID will not be so prominent.

Remember, the NExT doesn’t have a blinkie, so if it’s reading and you feel ok, I wouldn’t overthink it.


Cool, thanks for the insight!

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They look fine to me and if they’re functioning as intended you’re perfect, I’ve got 18 in me all self installs some shallow some deep and visibility doesn’t indicate a problem, they’re still finding their resting places they may look different after a while :slight_smile: congrats on the self install! The sites look healthy


Looks ok to me.

Chips often look like veins to people who don’t know, if they’re visible that is.

I just envisioned a very nightmarish bag of chips :joy: