Newbie with a fresh xnt install

Im still learning and reading but ill post my travels so far. Ive implanted the xNT chip in myself with no issues. No swelling or bruising so im good to go. Used the DT app to secure my chip. No problems. I bought the NFC pro app (and task). I then read my chip successfully and then filled out the V Card to write. It then says the chip needs to be formated. I did. Then i write the V Card but it comes up as not enough memory to write it. My attempt was some 160 bytes. I then reduced the size untill i could just write my fist name at some 50 bytes and it was successful. What am i doing wrong as to have such a small amount of avalible space? Then i decided to try a diffrent approach. I had bought a eGeeTouch luggage lock. The tag that comes with it works fine and is read by my cheap Chinese usb reader. So i attempted to use the copy tag feature on the app. It comes up with a read error. So I beseech the bio hack community to inform me of my errors. Im hoping to install the Samsung lock at my home and a reader for my car. I just need to puzzle out a few things before commiting to those projects. Thanks

First, have a read of this post and my response;

The important thing there for you is the last couple paragraphs where I talk about how badly other NFC software is written. In your case, the “formatting” that was done was not done correctly and NFC Tools is not properly detecting tag size. It’s not even reading or respecting the CC data written to page 03 which tells the NFC reader device the size of the tag it is reading.

Download our Support Tool and run the Blank NDEF process on your xNT. That should clear your NDEF record and let you try writing a full record.


Thanks for the quick reply. I did as instructed. Cleared it, it looks great. Went to write a vcard and it again says it must be formated. I did, went to write it again and im back to nit enough room to write. Should i be using a diffrent app? What do most users do?

What app exactly are you trying to use? Can you link to it?

I’d try to blank the NDEF again, then use TagWriter.

Its called NFC writer found on Google play. I got the PRO edition. I got it because its the sister app to the NFC task app. I somehow got the impression tnis was the tool of choice here.

Do you mean this one?

I would not use that to write general NFC records to your tag… it’s primary purpose is to write trigger-specific records to your tag… everything else will use “lazy code” and you end up with bullshit like what you’re seeing.


Sorry i didn’t post the URL before, anyway here’s the app I was working with

and its sister app i was looking at

So after using your suggested App i was successfully able to write a Vcard. My first V Card write included a few lines of “notes” and that made it too big to fit, once i took that line out it wrote fine as you suggested. I appreciate the help. (and on the weekend AND on Dumps 100th day), now THAT’S service! Thanks Amal!

happy to help! glad you got it sorted.


Know of any apps we should definity avoid? I like “Trigger Task Launcher” by Coleridge Apps for writing to my stickers and I’ve been tempted to write to my xNT with it… But I’ve stuck to NXP TagWriter so far.

Well, after you protect your tag with Dangerous NFC, then you don’t have to avoid apps… they can’t hurt your tag… they just won’t work right if they suck. But that said, there have been instances of people using various apps with their xNT or flexNT without first protecting their tag, and that has resulted in problems - NDEF data writing into the configuration pages and causing all kinds of problems, page locks, configuration locks, random password changes… etc.


That’s really odd, the app just removed itself from my phone and now it’s not in the google play store.


i have the dangerous things app and the support tool in the store (Austria)

Are you on facebook and if yes: are you in teh group “rfid implantees”

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Sorry not the DT support all but the XNT NFC TagWriter.

The only one I’ve found which seems to like the locked bits after using the DT app!