Newer flex design, "safe(er)" install locations?

Ok, so I got 3x newer flex-design installed and one has failed. I assume the chip has detached from the antenna circuit as I don’t get any response at all.

My install-location was the right leg, above the knee, obviously not a standard install-location so I’m not that bummed about the failure of the implant, it was my own fault yo, but as I assume that I probably will install some more flex-implants of the printed(?) antenna circuit type I thought we could collect the better AND worse install locations here.

I got a flexClass incoming, I assume it’s of the same(-ish) type as the newer flexDF2 and Vivokey designs(?), so I’m still uncertain of a optimal install location for that.

I don’t even remember what kind of data I had on the flexDF2 that I lost contact with, but that also why I would like to dig deeper into the matter of where these kinds of design fail.

Also, because, why not, have anyone uninstalled one of their flex-implants? I’m still a bit intrigued about the sort of data I saved on my “knee”-implant, so maybe someday I will try to uninstall it and solder it good (and retrieve the data, not install it again obviously), but unsure about my own ability to uninstall a implant so would be cool to hear about anyone else experience with that.

Soo, yeah, what install (flex) locations have you folk/x had best results with when it come to failure-rate?

I have:

Not by myself though, if that was the meaning of your question.

I had my flexDF removed, just because I wasn’t using it anymore. Definitely don’t take this as a model example because I was letting an apprentice do it for practice and she did more tissue damage than was necessary. Recovery went fine though.

I’ve only had 1 flex failure on my upper arm, and that was an experimental implant that had a higher likelihood of failure.

Sorry to hear about your flexDF2 failing. How long did you have it in? Was the install location right over your femur where it could cause a pinch point when you bang on it, or was it in the more fleshy part of your thigh off to the sides? Putting it over a bone definitely puts more stress on the implant.

The location was about 10 cm above the knee. It was kinda a messy install, I wonder if the implant actually got stuck in 2 different kinds of tissue, with one part more in the muscle and one more more under the skin, I wonder if that can have something to do with it failing, the stress of me moving around, like you do with a leg XD. I had it for about 2 months after install til I noticed that it would not read anymore.