Newer Samsung Door lock compatibility

any experience with more recent Samsung locks? I just bought 3 SHS-P717LMK/EN for our house.

Is there any obvious reason this wouldn’t be compatible with the xNT chips?

RF ID: ISO 14443A type (13.56MHz)
Samsung Smart Door Lock follows the ISO 14443 Type A standard

It’s tough to say but some (only some) of the Samsung locks will only read Mifare “Classic” 1k or 4k chips… even though it claims ISO14443A, it is limited to just the Mifare Classic chips. I don’t know exactly why this is, but I’ve run into a couple Ezon locks that were like this.

If possible, try to test with a larger NTAG216 label tag. Maybe our Bullseye 5-pack might help for testing, just to be sure it’s not an antenna coupling problem.

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Ok I decided to just buy one of those locks for testing. Once I get it later this week I’ll update the thread with results.

Great, if it works I’ll be ordering my xNT and finally having the key free life I’ve dreamed of.


Tested it on the bench and yep, this lock works with the xNT and flexNT.


Awesome, can’t wait to get my xNT ordered after we move. Was there a significant difference in the flex and original, in ability to read or distance of successful read?

I must admit the implant instructions for the flex make me sick to my stomach, but a simple-ish injection of the xNT seems manageable.

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The flexNT always works better with these types of devices, but the reader for this lock is on the top, above the keypad, so placement of the xNT should be fairly easy. I had no trouble with my xNT.

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did you have to physically touch(press) your hand to the lock? I’m used to the cards and wired readers at my work working from ~5" away, I know the xNT chips don’t have the antenna range due to the small size but wondering what the range is like with the reader given that it’s battery powered.

Hmm no you won’t be getting 5 inch read range with this lock, not even with the keyfobs that came with it. The flexNT gets about an inch or two, and the xNT maybe half an inch… but I just smash my hand up to my own Samsung lock… easier to just pop the hand on the lock than hold it close but not touch.

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Bit of a noob question but how do you program the xNT/flexNT to your lock?

Follow the directions that came with your lock.


Oh awesome, so theres nothing i need to do on the xNT side?