NExT and HID Prox

I got my NExT installed a while back and haven’t messed with it alot. I work in access control among other low voltage stuff and did a basic program on it. But it only works with a few readers. I know quite a bit about readers and formats but not everything. Most of what I deal with is HID Prox H10301 format and true iClass. I used this command, lf hid clone -w H10301 --fc xxx --cn xxxx, with my real facility code and card number. Is there something I missed to make it work as true HID Prox?

HID is a mess, with so many different variations of their cards.

I have stopped looking into this, as it didn’t go anywhere. I wish I could have used one of my existing implants to access my office at work.

But I’m quite sure you cannot clone a HID to a Next. The frequency match is not enough.

My next try will be the FlexClass which is the implant compatible with HID iClass. But it’s out of stock currently. And I couldn’t afford it when some were available.

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