Next and more Useful implants

Hey there,

Got my first implant like half a year ago and i have to say i don’t really use it.

It was from another site and is a simple NFC implant between thumb and index finger.
The typical starter u can say

But the range is terrible.
Even when u have a cover around your smartphone it doesn’t always get recognized

So im planning my next one

This time i really want to use it in real life and not just as a cool joke

I thought maybe of the payments or something useful like that
Well it has to work in Germany

Are there any recommendations from u guys

Thanks In advance

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Get a vimpaygo from amazon and get it converted

This is my experience:

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Hey this is a really cool project

But to be honest I’m not fully convinced with the location

Of course its cool and useful to pay with your arm but is your location really that good?

I imagine it to be difficult to dislocate your arm every time you want to pay in supermarkets

How big and how much is the height atm?

Is it possible to get this in your hand like the nfc implants or even better on the last element of your index?
Or what could be a good location for something like that?

For payment implants i can recommend a Walletmor. In and around Berlin, every terminal accepted it - except, ironically, the one where i got it installed. That was a SumUp-Terminal, i believe.
I have it installed right behind my right wrist where a watch would normally go. While this pisotion isnt the best, i dont have to contort my arm to much.

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No it sucks use the back of the hand


lol with most payment terminals I can easily reach it.

Yes, this is also NFC btw.

finger magnets :shushing_face:


Hey didn’t you write a book about magnets? :wink:


someone got expirience with the digiwell flexpay1?

im really intrested cause it looks like something that you dont see when u put it in a location like a watch for example.

imo an implant should alway be an upgrade and addon and nothing that limit or reduces mobility or something like that
and i dont want to worry about beeing careful cause maybe some impact could harm the implant or even destroy it

thx for the input

Well… depending on your implant and the site you choose, you have to be careful for a limited time at least. Especially the flex-style implants require some patience during healing time, they might require sutures and generally don’t like to be bumped or pushed around until they are fully healed.

Oh, and welcome to another german fellow :wink:

Well that’s not the point while it’s not fully healed of course you have to be careful like u have to be with every op you have

But when it’s fully healed I want to do sports and any other activities like before

For me this should be an upgrade not an exchange

A lot of phones pulse the NFC on and off to save power. My Samsung Note 20 Ultra is considered a very high end phone, and yet it has the same behavior. It seems to probe for devices every half second of so, which can seem like a very long time for electronics. I found that on most phones, if I just kind of hang out in one spot for a second or two, that’s enough to get a successful read.

Oneplus 7 pro does few high power searches when any change is detected without response it does 3 low power searches and one high power and continues in loop as long as phone is unlocked.


I’m sorely missing this behavior since I swapped to a Google Pixel, it seems to only send the small pulses unless a change is detected

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