The Digiwell Payment Implant FlexPAY1 (Germany)

So, I recreated the FlexPAY1 from Digiwell.

I bought a microcard and sent it to DT, just like digiwell.
The next batch from digiwell drops at the end of this month, I didn’t want to wait tho’.
I have the exact same chip as the digiwell and IAR implants use. Thx @JennyMcLane!

Setting up the implant was done in 5 minutes, then I went and tested it while still in the pouch.

Screenshot_2020-08-10 20200724-083033

I got it installed last week, the wound looks nice so far.

It’s on my arm, I copied @JennyMcLane’s position.

I’ve just picked the nearest red partner from the DT map, wrote a very long email and got it installed in like 15 minutes (after a good 30 minutes talking). I paid around the price of the implant.

Nice, the next 4 years and some months I can pay with my arm!

I change waterproof plasters every day, if I can I let it breathe for some time in between.
I only touch it with sterile things to clean it every now and then with saline (Cleany Skin). Sweat + waterproof plaster sux.
EDIT: no plasters anymore.

Currently my arm feels a little weird, I guess from not moving it much, I know that from my first implant, also it tingles every now and then.

This week I’ll get my stiches removed, will wear a plaster for 1 or 2 days and then, I should be through.
Swelling increases when I walk around, but it’s way less than it was the first 2 days.
I ate the rest of the vitamins I had from my first implant, can’t be bad.

If you live in germany (I believe austria also works?) you should really consider getting one of these!
Buying the chip + converting it + shipping to DT ended up costing ~200€, so exactly like digiwell sells them for.

If you don’t live here, have fun searching for something to convert!

Special thanks to @JennyMcLane @Devilclarke and all others!


This is the same chip.

I was the firstcone, who shipped the card to Amal.
Then Patrick shipped some cards to DT.
So it started :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
People in Austria can’t buy the microcard. Ut was a bit complicated to get one. :wink:


I guess people could dm german people or just order from digiwell now :slight_smile:

Looks really nice and I’m honestly a little jealous of you being able to pay with your body (in a non-sexual way :smiley: )

I know what you’re talking about… since you live in germany, see if you can get “Cleany Skin” Piercing spray somewhere, I’m currently using it twice a day for cleaning and it feels fine.


It’s exactly what my installer gave me :slight_smile:
Agree, it’s awesome. I don’t use it twice tho’ cuz I feel removing the plasters all the time aint good for my swelling.


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I handle plasters reaaally bad, after a day or so my skin turns all red and blistery below, so I decided to use sterile compresses and a bandage instead - feels a lot better, tbh :wink:

Good man! :smiley:

If I may ask, was this recommended by someone (or by the manufacturer of your plasters)? When I had my flexNExT done, I used some waterproof bandages, but my installer said they’re good up to 5 days, and it seems to me like changing them everyday would introduce way more chances of infection when you’re messing with it daily. Just a thought though.

Regardless, as an American, I’m extremely jealous. I’m anxiously awaiting the moment we can all just enjoy this same luxury :sob:

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Whoa I have the same symtom, I thought that’s from ripping it off daily.
I have transparent bandage, maybe it has other adhesive.
If that doesn’t help I’l get some bandages and just dont get the arm wet!

I can literally see drops of sweat at the sides, can’t be good.
I believe my installer said I should change them daily, idk, I also do that to monitor it.

You’ll find something… or just pay fees.

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:woman_shrugging: Whatever works! No judgment, I was just curious.

One day…

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I think yours were this “tegaderm”-stuff - I know that from tattoos, it really seals the wound completely so it can heal below in a “moist environment”, in a way… On my tat, I took it away after 3 or 4 days, because it got on my nerves, but normal plasters should be changed at least once a day.

Try that out, it feels so much more comfortable! :wink: I keep it that way and just wrap some foil around it when I’m gettin wet, that works fine for me

Maybe that’s it then! I definitely did use the Tegaderm stuff, so that would make sense.

The great thing with payment implants is, if you want to be extra-sure your installer does a good job, tell them “I didn’t bring cash. I’ll pay with the implant after it’s in.” :slight_smile:


I actually tried that with my installer, Contactless payment is “everywhere” except my piercer unfortunately, that would have been the icing on the cake :birthday:

Next payment implant will be in my hand for sure… this is hard to reach with my arm ^^.


Can we copy our European bank card to this implant

Can we reuse it after the card expired

Its only available on certain accounts in certain countries

No you cannot copy to it

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I wrote my guy about my host card to see when live is, as they told me 10 days, 13 days ago.

I was thinking of putting it somewhere close to my wrist on this side.

Not trying to derail you. I plan to start my own when I get it.

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So if you card expired you have to remove the implant and put a new one in

Yep, we’re hoping the apex will overcome this but we don’t know much. #soon



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