The Digiwell Payment Implant FlexPAY1 (Germany)

I thought about this too (sorry I forgot to answer).

  1. Looks like suicide attempt scars
  2. I trust my installer, but not that much yet, idk, it’s scary

Got it implanted in Mai :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It moved a bit - doesn’t matter.

Not a persons opinion about me, truly matters to me I guess. Let them think what they want is how I feel.

Fair point. I have yet tobmeet my installer. Once I get the device, I plan to have a consult at a few places. Maybe get a new piercing when I am at it.
I may not put it there. It just comes down to final size.

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Ofc not, but for me this had impact on the decision.

Hm, if it’s not the 17*27mm size but a wedge I’d think differently about this position!

I hope mine doesn’t migrate too much anymore, and if it does, hopefully near my hand :slight_smile:

I guess the scar would be rather on the side, so, not a place to cut when trying to kill yourself :wink: And even if, that wouldn’t bother me much…

It’s a pretty common place for subdermal implants, so if your installer does some of them, he might know that spot pretty well :smiley:

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It’s been about a month now. It’s almost fully healed.

It regulary felt strange for quite some time, weak and numb, not unexpected tho’.
I’ve hit it at least 2 times in the first 2 weeks, it resulted in some swelling.
Then at around 3 weeks swelling again increased after a party.
Dunno if I hit it or if that’s what parties do to bodies…

Besides the hitting I’ve been very nice to my arm and treated it almost like it was broken for most of the time.

Now my arm and hands only sometimes feel just a little weird again.
Swelling is completely gone, I can feel the chip, doesn’t seem to move.
All in all I’d say it moved about 3mm in direction of the entry wound, kinda expected that.

I added a video above.

I just noticed it migrated a bit, it turned.
It’s ~2mm away from the scar again, and a little angled.
I felt slight stingy sensations over the past weeks, that explains it.
Depending how I twist my hand I can still easily read it at vertical and horizontal readers.
I’ll continue to monitor it.
It’s also less noticable now, it has wrapped around my arm, you hardly feel the edges and it’s almost invisible if it wasn’t for the scar

Btw, I think for the FlexPAY1 / VIMPay conversions it might be nice to cut off the corners to make it less pointy, like with the flexNT.

Recently met my installer again. I totally misunderstood what he tried to tell me… only use waterproof plasters in the shower and let it breathe/bandaid for the rest of the time.

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Hey quick question:

I bought the implant as well but did not receive anything regarding instructions, how to pay or link it to a wallet or whatever. Is there a specific App I need to configure it for payment?


Digiwell is weird. Look up the instructions for the vimpaygo, you need the secret number and the vimpay app I believe.

amazon page has all the info

thanks for the quick reply. With secret code you probably mean the code thats printed on the sealed package, right?

no idea. yeah I guess. it usually is on the plastic of the card but that does not exist anymore ofc. i didn’t get a flexpay1 from digiwell so I had the code before the card was turned into an implant. it’s probably that code yes.

Worked for me with the VIMPay app, could add the 8 digit code.
Would be an easy 5 min installation… if there were instructions! Thanks a lot, u really helped me :slight_smile: