NExT and Spark 2


i need some walkthrough with the NExT and Spark 2.
The Ultron Implant Bundle to be specific.

How does these work? I’ve read a bit, but my english is poor and i’m not so technical that i understand everything that stands out there.

Could someone please let me know what i can use these chips for, and how they work specificly?

I know i can use the NExT to open RFID supported doorlocks and to start/open cars/motorcycles etc…but for somehow i have in my mind that i can only program this once, is that true? If so i feel it’s a bit waste. Like say i put in my rfid to my work and one year later i change work so then it’s useless…?

Let me know what i need to know about this bundle and any tips and tricks you want to share :slight_smile:

My main question is: Can i script my NExT as i’d like, can i add and remove rfid locks everyday? or is this just one time.


RFID locks use the UID of the chip so in some cases you can just add the tag to the accepted badges or alternatively change the UID of your chip to that of a fob you already have (which can vary depending on the specs of the lock and what protocol it uses.) The NExT also has a High Frequency NFC side that can be used for many different things as well.
The Spark 2 on the other hand is a part of the vivokey ecosystem which you can read about here

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No, it’s the other way around. You enroll your chip ID into the locks.

The next has 2 chips. The xNT and the xEM.
You can’t change the NExTs high frequency NFC chips ID. (xNT)
But you can always change the xEMs ID (if you don’t lock it accidentally I guess.)

I use my NExT for logging into my computer and replaced the only low frequency card I had. I still haven’t bought NFC locks tho’.

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except for forgotten passwords / random dead chips or implants, AFAIK it’s only been coupling issues which have prevented restoring xEM functionality. It seems to be surprisingly durable, even for completely dumb configurations (I believe Tom, designer of ProxLF tried to brick a T5577 and couldn’t).

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Firstly, apologies from me, I thought I posted this reply but I just found it in my draughts.

Even though the others already answered you, I spent time on it so I may aswell share rather than delete it.

No, so no need to worry.

I will attempt to break this down for you into small and hopefully easy chunks
The NExT has 2 chips, 1x HF 1 X LF.
(to see the individual chips and the specifications, look at the xEM and the xNT.)

xEM t5577 chip is low frequency and you can change 2 things.
The Mode
The NExT has a T5577 chip which is capable of emulating a number of different chip types.
including, but not limited to. EM, prox, indala, AWID…
To change modes you will need a special tool.
The Blue cloner (can only write 2-3 types of modes) or a Proxmark
The ID number

Blue cloner (can only copy/write) or a Proxmark (can copy/write or choose your own)
In my opinion a truly great chip and it compatibility with sooo many products it is a must have.
For projects, an xEM Access Controller is a great start

xNT NTAG 216 chip is a high frequency, NFC compatible, NDEF capable, fixed UID chip, ISO14443A.

High Frequency (HF)13.56MHz
NFC so you can “talk” to it with your phone
NDEF NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) allows you to write things such as these to your chip ( upto a maximum size of ~ 888 bytes.
using an app such as TagWriter by NXP

The fixed UID means it cant be changed, so for access enrolment for example it needs to be enrolled into the system rather than cloned ID, easy if you own the system, a little more challenging if you don’t.
ISO14443A is very common for HF systems so chances of compatibility are good.

Personally, if I was going to add to this combination I would also get a mifare classic “magic” 1k either xM1 or FlexM1

Punny :rofl:

But yeah, have you read through the vivokey website about the Spark 2.


Thank you for your answer!

As you said i’ve probably already got my answers, but you explained so i could understad :rofl: thank you, i will do some more research to specify what i wanna do with it :slight_smile:

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