NExT and the chameleon mini

Anyone used the ChameleonMini to read or write to their NExT implant? I’m trying to get it to work but seem to be having issues. I can get it to read cards but not my implant

If anybody can help you, it would PROBABLY be @MouSkxy

It’s all about antenna position. Your gonna have to find the sweet spot. Do you have any Xled field chips or a diagnostic card?

As far as writing your not gonna write to the NeXT, it would be used to emulate the NeXT.

What you have is a handy device that would allow you to emulate MiFare 1k/4k, HiD iCLASS, ePASS, DESFire/PLUS/EV1/EV2 in the field and hold up to 8 of those digital cards. Also as far as the HiD iCLASS you wouldn’t be able to emulate 125khz just ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 B.

I got the card and chips. I’ll try to find that sweet spot. I did not know you couldn’t write with it but thats okay as i do have a proxmark on its way.


The proxmark and the Chameleon can be ran in conjunction :slight_smile:

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I can’t even get mine to pair with my phone or turn on without power supply, I think I’m cursed man nothing works for me EVER

Please help!!! How can I get my chameleon mini (Amazon buy) running! Please help anyone!!!

Rev G or E?
Can you provide Amazon link?

Have you tried plugging in using the RFID Tools App?

Or Chameleon App

Or Walrus App

Quentyn Taylor is an underrated Youtuber in this area

Rev e

Okay cool, Did you try any of the stuff I mentioned above?

OST of my experience is with the Chameleon Tiny Pro. I believe most of the capabilities are the same though.

It has a rechargable battery in it, so you should be able to turn it on without a power supply (once it is charged). But you probably want to first connect it to your phone via a USB cable. Does your phone have a USB C port? If not then you may need to make sure you have an OTG cable.

I would suggest starting with the Chameleon app. It should ask for permission to speak to your Chameleon.

Once you can talk to your Chameleon you can try cloning a card onto it.

I would follow the quick start guide at

If you have problems with that then say exactly what you are trying to do, and what error you get and we can see if we can fix it. If the battery is shot, or it just doesn’t work you might want to consider sending it back and getting a replacement.