NeXT - bone pain/ache/discomfort

Had my NeXT for about 2-3 months now, in position 0 in my left hand. I have been worried about it’s placement since getting it - it is rather close to the index finger bone.

After it was inserted it migrated and changed angle, but it seems to have settled with about 1mm between it and my index finger bone.

Recently, I have realised that when I am lifting something that engages my finger tendons, the implant pushes against the bone.

I’ve also noticed some discomfort/dull ache on the index finger bone. When I feel this area with my finger, it is sore.

I am wondering if this is too close to the bone and needs to be removed? I have already tried to move the implant away from the bone using cocktail sticks after it was installed, to no avail.

See this picture:

White is bone, yellow dots are the ends of the implant, red is where the dull ache is. White arrow is (roughly) the insertion angle.

I also noticed a slight bruising at this dull ache area. I have not bashed my hand or anything…

Would appreciate any advice! Thank you in advance…


Tldr it looks fine :slight_smile:

Does this engagement cause any discomfort? Does it limit your range of motion? If not then it’s no issue :slight_smile:

That you’re aware of… random bruising happens all the time… sometimes in your sleep. You’ll turn over and your hand will flop against the bedframe or wall or whatever and you won’t even wake up.

Ultimately this does look like bruising but it’s very far away from the install site and it’s been months since the install so it’s nothing to do with the NExT.


Thanks, Amal!

No, doesn’t really cause any discomfort when I am lifting things - I am just worried that it may break if it is rubbing against the bone. Perhaps I am just worrying too much!

In the event of it breaking though I’ll just get it removed and replaced anyways. I love this thing :slight_smile: