Next chip implant cloning badges etc

Hey ive a question ive tried to clone badges cards u name it cant never do it ive bought a next chip and implanted and the blue cloning pistol and even with all apps on the phone ive tried to read all the badges or cards or u name it and it never reads it like they are secured or something ? Ive ly implant already 2 years and its pretty much worthless if i cant clone my work badge or a gate badge or anyhting rlly im i doing something wrong cuz yt videos say im doikg t right

please for the love of god do not use the “blue cloning pistol” on your implant. they set passwords which are a PITA to remove and if not written to perfectly can and will brick the lf side.

invest in a proxmark3 easy and scan your credentials

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So what can i do with my next implant then?? That is day to day usefull ? Any suggestions?

That proxmark 3 to complicated cant i do it with an rfid reader ? (The white reader)

This is probably one reason you would want to explore a proxmark3. The blue cloner deals with 125kHz low frequency transponders, while phones only have NFC which is a subset of the 13.56MHz frequency. You can’t read any low frequency tags with a phone, and the blue cloner will not work with any high frequency tags.

The NExT contains two chips. One is 13.56 megahertz or high frequency and the other is 125 kilohertz or low frequency. However, the high frequency chip is an ntag216 chip which cannot be used as a cloning target because the serial number of the chip cannot be changed. That means even if your fob or card that you want to clone is high frequency, you could not clone it to the NExT.

The first question you need to answer for yourself is what kind of chip is in the source tag or fob or card you want to clone? Finding that out is easy with a proxmark but basically impossible without something more advanced than the blue cloner.

In theory, you should be able to tap the read button on the blue cloner when it is over your source device you want to clone, and it will beep a number of times if successfully read. However, I’ve had the blue cloner beep at me when nothing was against its antenna so who knows… You’re mileage may vary.


Thank you for the very helpfull response Amal !!

So thats means kinda for a not so advanced “cloner” i would say the white nfc reader would be a good option for me and the badges i have i cant clone what would be a thing i can clone and use ? Any recomends

Let’s not worry about cloning right now. Your first job is to figure out what kind of chips are used in the source badges and fobs you want to clone.

Since you’ve attempted to read them with your phone already, I don’t think a white NFC reader is going to help you. As I stated earlier, NFC is high frequency and my guess is that your fobs and badges are probably low frequency, but since you don’t have a proxmark3 there’s no real easy way to figure it out.

When you try to read them with the blue cloner, do you get any beeps?

No the badges dont respond on the blue cloner nor my phone they never respond i tried many diffrent badges or cards nfc tags anything rlly diffrent phones nothing so i gues its not the devices but the sort of badges i have i would have wanted my work badges or gate badges wouod be handy but i gues i implanted the wrong badge i dont know rlly what i an do with it i think i informt wrongly about my NeXt implant but nothing
Can change it so ive to make this thing usefull and Amal im very thankfull for your advice !!

What kind of phone do you have? Android or Apple?

Both a samsung and 2 diffrent iphone so i dont think it would be them 3 even if it was 1 that would not work

On the android phone try Taginfo Android

Not blaming your phone. I’m still way back on step 1 trying to figure out the frequency of the source card/fob.

fake edit: I originially was going to suggest taginfo on the iphone as a plan b, but I just tried it on a hotel key I have handy and got no results, so stick with the Android to make progress.


So this one

Could be either HF or LF

As suggested, you really should get a PM3 (we can help you with setting it up.

Alternatively a Flipper Zero could be an option for you.

But this one

Do you have to swipe the magnetic strip for access or do you tap it on the reader?

The Blue and white cloner you are using are not normally the best option.
They do have their place, but they are very low on the reccomendations

Here’s something for you to consider

The white card is just tap to read not a swipet imma have to upgrade my tooksthen it looks like💀 even tho my knowlage on any of this is -0

Can you shine a bright light behind it?
can you see if the antenna follows the perimeter or if it is a circle in the middle?
or both!?
Perimeter is likely HF
Circle is likely LF

Also, the black fob.
Are you able to easily (non destructively) open it up?
The chip may have letters and numbers that will give some clues, and also the antenna size and shape.

Did you implant a chip before even successfully cloning to anything? Like went straight for it huh? Damn dude, you live life wide open for sure. Haha. You’ve got some crazy stories to tell I bet. Omg man I’m laughing but I do hope you can get it figured out haha.

My man tried to clone a mag strip card to his rfid chip? :man_facepalming:

@Drewdude I just want to say this one time… your tone is off for this forum. We help people here, but nothing in your first two posts on this forum are anything but kinda snide and offer nothing helpful, only ridicule. Please read the room… we don’t do that here.


Considering you’ve not read much of the forum here yet, I’m letting it slide for now… but as you read more I’m sure you’ll see we’re not jerks to each other here… or at least we try not to be :slight_smile:

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