Next chip no longer able to write to ntag216

Not exactly sure what I did. I can’t write to it with my phone and when I scan it only comes up with this info and no longer has the password protected column or read only

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Can you try doing a full scan with taginfo and posting the xml or txt file here?

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04-85-0E-9A-1F-66-84_24-Jun-24 18-32-27_taginfo_scan.txt (7.7 KB)

Damn so I blocked it

Why do you say that? Looks fine to me. The first memory page got wrecked to all nulls so you borked the NDEF record but that’s easy to fix.

We set the NExT at the factory in such a way that you can’t lock the one time programmable lock bits… they are permanently disabled. No point in ever locking the tag when it’s an implant so we remove that possibility.

Try using the erase / format option in tagwriter ?


Oh I should say if you have an iPhone then borking the NDEF record makes it very hard to use the tag or fix because of how Apple works with NFC tags but Android should be no problem.

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Awesome I’ll try that. I just read + sign at bottom meant bloced

It’s an android. Can’t stand iPhones haha

Hmm no ndef detected result: this tag can’t be formated parts of tag protected

Yeah that’s what it says…but it’s just… wrong hahah

This is exactly the same issue. Basically even NXP, the makers of this chip, don’t properly parse the lock bits according to the standard… they just see that something is set and give up. Lazy assholes.

Search for NFC Shell to fix… you basically have to hand write the memory blocks to a blank record to fix at this point…

Sorry I’m mobile…

The solution is in there somewhere hahah

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Oddly enough simply writing with tag writer and not NFC tools fixed it. I will look into NFC shell though. I need to learn it all


NFC Shell 1.0.apk (15.6 KB)

Sideload this… if you can… otherwise use the advanced NFC thingy in NFC Tools

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