Next chip reader/ writer

So I was thinking could I use the proxmarc3 and make some sort of hand held reader/ writer with a raspberry pi or something like that and it could store all of my codes like door passcode work passcode gym etc. and so I can switch it whenever. I was also think putting a charging bank to power the raspberry pi. Also haveing a screen that I can pick codes. Sorry if this was hard to read just trying to get my ideas out there not sure if anybody’s come up with this or what

Save yourself the effort:


I really kinda want a flipper zero/one
But ofc I found out after they closed the backing window


yea I’m waiting for it to be open to the public, they have just changed their antenna placement for NFC so it has me a bit worried how effective it will be for glass implants. Although the flipper does seem like a super cool swiss army knife of things that include quite a few things a prox does

We could always make custom ones like we do for the proxmarks

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fixed that for you

Depends how the antenna is attached and designed

The proxmark easy is a pain to make a good antenna for and you have no dimension issues to worry about

Might not be easy or possible with the flipper like we want

Oh, it could definitely be done. It’s just a matter of how many of us would be willing to do it if it’s difficult.