NEXT compatible door locks

I close on my new house December 8th. I would like to change the locks to something that will work with me implant. I am unsure which locks will work since recent updates. It still has to have a key lock. Thanks


I used to recommend Samsung Ezon deadbolt locks, but now they are changing firmware in the locks but not changing the model numbers, so there is nothing but confusion now with regard to compatibility. This is why we have started efforts to build our own;

However, I assumed you are in the US and need a deadbolt. Where are you located and what type of lock do you need?


I’m in the US and I was looking for a deadbolt. Do you know when the firmware change was rolled out? Also, is it hardware specific or software, if I buy an older lock will it work?


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An older shs-3321 or shs-3320 works… new locks if both models don’t seem to… started noticing a few months ago