Next HID emulation/ xEM access controller (xAC)

Hey everyone,

I just programmed my next to be in HID emulation mode to access my work, but my xem access controller will not read the chip anymore. Proxmark is reading the chip fine, showing all correct data and that it’s in HID mode, but the controller will not even scan it. Is the Xem compatible with a Next in HID mode?

The xac (access controller) only works with em41 and 42 uid types. Which is the default setting for the t5577 chips provided by DT

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That’s disappointing, but understandable. Thanks for the quick reply! Looks like I’ll be getting another chip to play around with.

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It’s just another chance to spoil yourself :wink:


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Been rocking that for a while now, it’s pretty nice no?

Salaried here… 20 hours a week or 80, I still get paid the same

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Haha, I love how you are assisting in your own thread derail…I love this forum

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SQUIRREL! Horrible habit of doing that…

To get back somewhat on track, any ideas on how to use the Next in HID mode without shelling out hundreds for a full HID system?

First you unwittingly helped me with a test.
So Thanks

I love the T5577 ( xEM, NExT, FlexEM ) it is sooo flexible.
You could do something like carrying a blue Cloner :blue_cloner: and chop and change between HID and EM, but :face_vomiting: ,nobody wants to do that.
Grab yourself another NExT or xEM with your overtime :moneybag: Have one implant in EM and one in HID.

I feel like I haven’t answered your question though sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

Long ago I decided that under normal circumstances I will not be working extra hours. I will when I absolutely have to, but not normally.

I have no incentive to work overtime, and while I like my work I have a life too.

As for the HID, I don’t know what you are trying to achieve but I purchased an HID proxpro 5355 pad (the smaller one) on ebay for about $25 and added an ESP-RFID-Tool for about $20 more. This isn’t an access controller but if you feel up to it you could reprogram it to act like one. Or have another system query it.