NeXT implant 125khz failing

Hi everyone!

3 weeks ago i’ve got my NeXT implant in my left hand near my pinky finger

now that the inflammation is nearly gone the NFC part can be read and written without problem with my phone and read with my computer.
But the 125Khz side can´t be read with the proxmark3 rdv4 with the antenna from DT, does anyone have the same problem?

i tried several times and only one time i get info about the chip (indala)

i know that the reader is working because it can read my other implant in the right hand.

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Perhaps it’s not getting a good strong couple.

This happens to me occasionally, I run LF tune, to do a continuous antenna read, I move the PM3 around where the chip is located until I get <39000 mV and I hold it there while reading and writing.

Your number will most certainly be different since our antennas are different, but this is what works for me to get the best coupling I can get from my antenna.

Let me try this right now :slight_smile:

no :frowning: sadly im still getting the same error:

Did the tuning significant changes during positioning? If so, you might just attempt to relocate the maximum drop position again and then issue a write like

lf em 410x clone --id 0102030405

Send that a few times and then do a search

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No, the 27620 mV only moves to 27500-520 and 27620.

I had this problem in the beginning as well. I just kept moving the antenna around until I found the “sweet” spot. Took me a while but I can consistently get a read/write on it now.

Nvm you did that