NExT implant and no read

Hi all
first off, im pretty new to the world of implants and RFID

But 1 week ago i got my first implant a NExT implant, but i really have some trouble to get a read from it.

I have tried both with my KBR1 RFID Reader and other one i had, but after a coulpe og hours, no luck, even though i heard it can be hard to read from this small implant.

even my xEM access controller cant get it (i expect it to have a bigger coil= better read)
but i might be wrong.

I also havent had any luck on the NFC side, even with 2 diffrent phones

and i know all the readers work because they pick up all my other key-tags/cards pretty well.

maybe im just doing something wrong
please advise ? thanks

I sometimes have trouble with my getting my phone to read, but the KBR1 is pretty powerful and I have no issue getting it to read. Where’d you get the implant?

Let’s break this down


Where did you get it? in the webbing of thumb and index finger (Thenar)

1 week, should mean we are not dealing with swelling/

Who did the install

Do you think in is sitting in the facia layer? or is it possibly in the muscle?

So you are getting some reads?
What are you getting your reads on?
Have you used you xField detector to find the optimal read orientation of the NExT on the reader?

My KBR1 reader actually has always under performed, and the only time I get good consistant reads is when I remove it from the plastic housing…which is weird, because that should not affect the read at all, so you MAY have a dicky reader also, but unlikely ( try removing it from the housing.
What is the make and model of your “Other” reader?

The xSeries implants due to their shape and size of antenna they dont couple as well as a large flat antenna, which is why the Flex series implants read more easily, In saying that, the xSeries are perfectly adequate for most aplications when you learn the limitations and understand the realistic expectation of such a small discreet implant.

That is strange, the antenna is a much more suitable to reading an xSeries… Indicates to me at least, your Implant may be quite deep ( If you are struggling to read both HF AND LF side of your NExT.

It’s not the size of the coil, it’s what you do with it :wink:, its actually the shape that matters, as I stated above, xAC antenna much more compatible.

Which Phones specifically?
Have you checked WIKI - NFC phone performance

Key tags and Cards are not a fair comparison for the expectation to device to reader compatibility.
Our implants are a bespoke product put into a form factor that will fit into our bodies.
If you want the same readability expectations you would need to implant key-tags/cards.

Check out the DT youtube channel for video explanations,


There’s a difference between no read and hard read. The latter means your chip is working, maybe not as close to the skin as it should be.

As for NFC readers, it’s a crapshoot which ones work well and which don’t. I have quite a few here (not DT), and half of them are as good as unusable because they’re really finicky and the read range is rather pathetic with a glass implant. And the best ones with an implant aren’t necessarily the best ones with regular cards either.

Worse, the performances can vary from one device to another of the same brand/model: I have 2 ACR122 and one isn’t all that great compared to the other.

Also, the range with NFC is really rather shorter than with RFID.

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Thank you for your replies

I got my implant in between my thumb and index finger, and i think it’s in the facia layer, because i can see it pretty easy all the time (like right under the skin)

and i got no swelling left.

A piercer made the install, one that is on DT’s partner map

“but i really have some trouble to get a read from it.”
what i meant was i was not able to get a read (sorry)

I have used my xField card to find the best orientation, along with the led implants that was with the pakage

I tried as you suggestet and pull apart the reader to get a read, still with no luck

as the NFC goes, i tried with a P10 thats on the list, but the nfc side is not a big concern for me.

I do have a plan B, get a NExT in my other hand to see if it’s the same or not, might be the best solution i think

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Hi @Konstabel

Just was trawling the forum and saw this thread.

Did you have any luck with the implant?



No not yet, but planning on getting another one the the other hand to see if, it’s the chip or reader that’s the problem.