NExT implant GONE!?

I had my NExT implant installed professionally a week ago, by a very reputable body mod artist who I’m certain has installed these before and is familiar with the products. I thought that I just couldn’t feel it because of the swelling but now that the swelling has gone down, I cannot feel my implant through the skin nor can I detect it with any of my devices. What could have happened? Did it migrate that fast or maybe get stuck in the applicator?

Where could it possibly have gone?

It usually takes two weeks before you are able to get a read off of it. That may vary by a few days either way, depending on how deep it is.

I would not worry yet. Where did you install it (as in what position)?

I had it installed in the webbing between my first finger and thumb. I supposed I’ll give it another week and try again but I’m fairly certain it is simply not in there. Shouldn’t I be able to feel it through the skin?

I can’t feel mine no matter what, in the same position as yours. But it reads just fine.

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That is comforting. Thank you for responding!

Did they pull the skin up while inserting the needle?

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I can feel mine in the same position in my left hand and cannot feel it in the same position in right. Both work fine. The right one took closer to three weeks to read and the left took a bit under two.

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You can always carefully try a half inch or so neodymium magnet, it won’t have amazing attraction, but you might be able to help find it

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I believe so. Could’ve sworn I felt it going in too but tbh I had my tongue split like 5 mins before I got my implant so I was kindof in shock and hardly paying attention :grimacing:

The NExT in my right hand is very very prodominent, visible without needing to do anything. The Spark2 in my left hand is virtually impossible to see no matter what I do because of where it sits depth wise. Both read perfectly fine and its been about a year and a half :slight_smile: I wouldn’t stress too much at the moment, most likely it’s just in a bit deep and there’s swelling on top.

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The meat between your thumb and index is pretty dense. It’s also notorious for hiding implants.
I had my first implant there and it was a blue XSI ID. While I was able to read it fine and good the light was unable to be seen through the skin.
Once the swelling goes down, you should be able to read it all fine and good and as a good friend Axl Rose once said, all we need is just a little patience.

If you are, however, concerned, go get an x-ray done you’ll be able to pinpoint it with that and you’ll have the added bonus of a really cool picture to share here


Yeah same with me with XSIID I cannot first see the light couple of days because of the blood. Also pinching the skin before installation inside your skin is best way to make it more outside your flesh/meat and more in the skin. I did my first installation with my brother and I :joy: he was gagging all time, my second time I tried doing it myself but I failed miserable I thought I could do it like the one in YouTube.


This one?

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Yeah this is the one I want to try for myself!