NExT implant installed maybe too deep?

I got my NExT implant a week ago and I ran into a little problem.
I asked for the implant in my right hand, it was put in by a body modification artist I found on walletmor.



My hand after the procedure:

Everything went fine, but at the moment I can only scan the implant with flipper zero alone. I also have a proxmark3 easy device, but it does not see it in HF or LF mode. I was able to successfully clone one of my EM4100 access cards with the flipper, but the access control system cannot read it either.

Proxmark3 Easy LF antenna tune result:

Is it possible that I got the implant too deep? What can I do in this case besides removing it?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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give it at least another week to properly heal before considering removal


Looks a good depth for me.

Getting a reading with the proxmark is tricky.

Patience. One of mine took about two weeks. The other took just over three weeks. Whatever you do, do not try to write to it until you get consistent reads.

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The flipper has a great antenna system, but it’s software is still growing

the proxmark can do nearly everything possible, but the antenna has a indescribably small sweet spot

Also post install swelling effects read quite a bit; yes you are swollen even if you can’t see it lol

Welcome to the club, give it a couple weeks
If the flipper can read it, your probably fine, just swollen and the proxmark is a pain

Search around the forum, you can use “lf tune” to find the highest voltage drop, and that should be pretty close to sweet spot

@amal you should put a QR code on the plastic bag linking to a “just implanted can’t read” wiki lol


Yeah what’s really neat is a sticker on the implant product that says something like first steps and goes to a post about that and other things

Try this one, I think I got what you meant.

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…stares at QR code, on the screen of the only device that I have that can read QR codes


I’m gunna have to go to unnecessary levels of effort to scan… a likely sus… QR code lol

Here we go


I’m neither suprised nor upset lol :joy:


…I don’t think it’s working :upside_down_face:

This is a major failing of the whole qr thing. I think I have an idea.for an app!

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Nevermind… this works… just hold the qr code… then choose Google lens

It will decipher it for you.


Oh I knew what I had to do, I was just laughing that I had to do all of that


I would love it if you could screen capture a QR code and have it immediately decode it. That way you could grab QR codes from any app or screen (that allowed it).

I mean, iOS can grab text from pictures like it’s nothing these days, it’s actually pretty wild

I’m sure I’ll be able to just click on a QR code eventually and get a preview