Next implant moving around

Hi all I’ve had my Next implanted about 5 months now.
The chip never locked into place and sometimes seems to disappear to a point where I can’t feel it at all and doesn’t function and others it’s right where it should be and functions on readers.
I’m assuming the installer went too deep.
Is there any issue with with letting it float like this?

It’s best to not let it float around if at all possible. Migration is what this is called. If you can, try to corral it between some toothpicks you’ve broken up and placed around it like a cage, then tape them down pretty good to secure it in place. Next you will want to ensure your body is able to build collagen and fibrin around it… so get plenty of rest, reduce stress, eat healthy, be hydrated, and consider taking prenatal vitamins (for pregnant women) to help support collagen production.

After a week or possibly two, the chip may become encapsulated and stop migrating… many people have had success with this approach.

The down side of migration is that yes the chip can move to the point it kinda “gets lost”… typically this movement is lateral, staying within the fascia tissue between dermis and muscle… it does not typically “go deeper” or anything. The other down side is that sometimes it can move to a place like a joint or over a bone or somewhere that is unexpected, uncomfortable, and possibly unsafe.

Would it be a bad idea to go to the gym during the recovery process?

I think so yes. Typically we suggest at least 2 weeks of careful use after installation. Since you will be attempting to lock down your chip, the same applies.

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Thanks Amal,

I have gone ahead and ordered some vitamins and collegian supplement and I’ll see if this helps lock it down in my hand.


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