NEXT implant not working with honeywell Readers

I recently had the Next chip implanted in my hand. I copied and cloned my work fob which is a 26bit hid fob. The firts problem i encountered was the when i swiped at a HID reader it came back as invaild facility code. The access control software is saying its 32bit, but when i chech the chip with the proxmark3 is saying its 26bit and all the information is identical on both the implant and my work fob. Also we have some honeywell readers on our building, but when i swipe the implant, i do not get any beep or feed back. My work fob works fine on all the readers. Any Help

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Can you share a photo of the Honeywell readers? Do they look like this?

We have some of these at one of my facilities too, and it took me some time locating the sweetspots with the X Field Detector to get them to see my NExT. Sometimes I even have to feel the direction the NExT is sitting in my hand and present it EXACTLY where the field detector shows the brightest signal. Also, I recently found that a slow swipe up the middle from bottom to top gives me a good read almost every time. It took practice, but these are usable with the NExT!

HOW recently? You may need some healing time before weaker readers will see you. The read on these Honeywells got way better as I was several weeks into healing from the installation.

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@XC-108 gave you some really great advice above. Including, “Healing time” = ~2 weeks

Plus shared a first hand experience


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Sounds like a multiclass reader, the readers on the system I manage read my xNT as a 32 bit credential. Probably picking up the HF portion of your implant and ignoring the LF side.
If you have access to the access control software then you might be able to also register the HF side.

Ur correct. I found out that the reader is a multi class, has nfc, Bluetooth and rfid. I added it as a 32bit and it works fine now. Just having issues with the small honeywell readers. Some it takes awhile to recognize and other ones it doesnt read it at all. I do know the ones i cant get a read are old . Even using the field detector, i cant find the sweet spot. Other than that, the implant works great.