Next implanted cant clone a badge

Ihave the next implanted and i wanted to be able to put my gym card or work badge or home succurity badge on my chip so i have installed the nfc tools app doesnt do anything with it so i orderd the blue cloner the thing doensnt read any card or badge so what can i do i tried 5 diffrent nfc cards or badges nothing worked so actualy i have a implant for nothing or im i doing something wrong ?

can you post a picture of your gym badge when you have scanned it with nfc tools?

Nfc tools doesnr scan it or the cloner they cant read it they both dont recongnize it

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are you able to hop on the discord its easier to communicate over there

Yeah sure give your name ill add you in 10 min

join the dangerous things discord server m8
my name is equip#1515

Easier for a back and forth conversation, agreed,
however the problem with discord is that valuable information helps only one person at that one time and the information is lost in the bowels of the discord server.

How is the assistance going?
It would be good if you could post a summary of the “findings” on the forum. So it can help others in the future?

Types of readers
Tests carried out


I always try to culminate any decisions or processes back to the forum when it happens in discord but as a general rule its just a bunch of chit chat.

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I Agree with that.
Forum for support. MOSTLY
Discord for social. MOSTLY

However, I think the biggest exception to the rule is, the voice channels, video channels and screen shares are great for those one on ones, where there is that little gremlin causing problems and the talking or viewing is just far more beneficial.

@simon_beer recently had a PM3 Easy “fault” resolved on discord by @cexshun and @Jirvin (apologies if I missed anybody) and then @simon_beer posted an update here that I thought was awesome.

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