Next LF not reading

I got my Next implanted 8 days ago and the NFC portion is working great but the low frequency is unable to be read by any card readers at my house and work.

I used the PM3 Easy to clone my work and house fob (em4100 and HID) and they worked great with the included cards. But, I tried the same thing with my Next and I cannot get a read at work (HID) or home (em4100). I move my hand all around the readers and mash it up against them, and nothing, not even a beep.
Lf search reveals that everything cloned correctly and is identical to the original card. I can even get all the info from a trace command. I tried wiping the next and re-cloning with no luck.

The only weird thing is that when I run lf search, it says it can’t determine chip type at the bottom. But everything else in the LF search looks fine and identical to the original card that I was trying to clone.

Is this just a range limitation of the Next? I can clearly see it if I make a fist and feel it under my skin, so its not that deep. Any help would be appreciated.

Well the good news is ( To me at least ) everything sounds like it is done correctly.

Quite likely, and one of the great things about the NExT implant is it’s size…unfortunately this results in a reduced read range.

Often it is the reader that is out of our control to improve, they sometimes are not putting out enough power to couple with a tiny xSeries implant.
Which leaves you with a few options.

First Try using your Diagnostic card on the reader, :card_diagnostic_dt: the LF LED should hopefully light up…or it may blink. Either way the brighter the better.
Let us know how that test goes
Use your xFD to locate the antenna and therefore the optimal placement of your NExT when trying to read it. again brightest is best,


if you have no luck initially try moving it slowly ( especially if your Diagnostic Card was flashing rather than steady)

Incase you weren’t aware, you want to be presenting your NExT ( and xFD when testing ) perpendicular to the antenna like this


just like on your phone when using the HF side.


I have also had some readers that I have struggled with also, but by doing a “swipe” method rather than just a “present” method, I found this improved my chances of a successful read by a huge amount.

Swiping it across the face, something like this


good luck and I hope these tips work for you


You could a different implant with increased read range, something like the FlexEM in your case, which will be a larger implant but with the larger antenna comes better performance with stubborn ( low power) readers.

Also for you to consider would be the:
FlexMN ( If there are any left in stock )
FlexNExT ( currently undergoing redesign )

Let us all now how you go and come back with any questions :+1:

I just pressed it really hard against a reader at work on an up/down angle like you suggested and it worked! Thanks!

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This may well improve over time. Usually two weeks is recommended for swelling/fluid build up to go down.

The fact that you got it to read means it works. Hopefully you do have some fluid to deal with.

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That is


Also, as Zwack said, it should only get better as your swelling subsides…