NExT LF side bricked

Hi Guys

Im Panicking rn.

I got a NExT implant and i couldn’t stop myself from playing with it on the first day after implantation. I know! I’m a dumbass.

Now to the Problem i think i bricked it, and now it doesn’t couple with the PM3 Easy anymore, any advice i can try in a few weeks. I will now wait until my wound is fully healed, but i wanted to already ask this question.

EDIT: The HF side works fine with the PM3 Easy and my Phone


Hey, congrats on the implant!!
I couldn’t help my dumb ass self on the first day either XD
For a chance of hope, you might not have bricked it, it could be swelling causing issues when you try to read it. I’m sure others with more knowledge will be of more help, just wanted to say you’re not the only one breaking the rules after install haha

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Stop fucking with it and wait.

You fucking with it would have induced more swelling which means it’s further away from the antenna and harder to couple with. You need to wait 2 weeks then we can find out if you have bricked it (not likely).


Yeah that’s the plan rn

Glad I’m not the only one :joy::v:

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You have already been given the right advice above, I’m just curious why you think it may be bricked?
Just because you can’t communicate?
What commands were you sending? What was the last command?

I also think it HIGHLY unlikely, and just the inflammation.

for the futute, It is a good habit to do a read before you write and don’t move it inbetween commands .
If you can read it, you are probably in a very good position to write, therefore your writing is much less likely to do anything hinky.

You’ll be alright, just wait it out

Well i tried “lf search” there it showed up as an em4100 as expected. Then i tried cloning my access badge fron the office with "lf em 410x clone -id " and after i tried “lf em 410x reader”. This didn’t work anymore. But yeah I’m gonna wait for a few weeks now and try it again.

Btw first reading then writing is a habit i learned really early.


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