NExT missing/broken?

I had an NExT implant installed four months ago by a professional bodymod artist in the webbing between my first finger and thumb. I have never been able to program, locate, or get any kind of read on it whatsoever and I can’t feel it through the skin. Is there something I’m missing here? Maybe a software I’m supposed to load onto it to get it to work or something? It feels like I either got a dud or maybe it got stuck in the applicator or something because it has never worked and I’m pretty bummed out about it.

Is there any kind of help you guys could offer me? I know Dangerous things says they’ll provide me with another one if my first one doesn’t work but I’m not sure how to even go about removing this one because I can’t feel it & I’d rather not just have someone go digging around in my flesh lol

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So you have never been able to actually feel the implant? I would first try to feel around for it. I have heard of rare situations where it may have been pushed out when the needle was removed. By any chance did you record the install?

For reading i typically use my Flipper Zero, for Android i use NFC Tools.

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If all else fails you could physically locate it by using a very strong magnet: you will be able to feel it move a bit . Alternatively get in a dark room and stick a strong flashlight behind the webbing.

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Never had any luck with a Magnet, but can confirm a strong flashlight i can see the shadows of my implants

I don’t have a Next but I can feel my XSIID and spark. You need a big fat magnet though

This is with a xEM in my right hand and xNT in the left. And a little extra in the left too. :slight_smile:
The magnet is pretty strong. Definitely easier to see it roll than to feel it pulling.


I stand corrected. Never thought to try to do it with a rolling magnet. Confirmed on Xmagic and Xsiid.

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I can’t feel it at all. Never could. My artist assures me that it’s in there but was not comfortable with photos or video being taken.

I’ve tried both a magnet and a flashlight. I’m pretty convinced it’s just not there. Spent hundreds of dollars just to get a meaningless little scar :sweat_smile:

hmm… well at this point we don’t want an unhappy would-be cyborg. Reply to your order confirmation and we’ll handle this via support ticket.


What sort of readers do you have access to?

I’m guessing only a phone :man_shrugging:

iPhone or android?

What model?

How are you trying to read it?

A phone is a very useful “reader” however they are generally not the best a coupling unless you know exactly ( well pretty close ) to where your implant actually is.


Did the installer say what made them sure it was installed?

The odds are that It is very likely sitting under your skin

It would be unlikely ( But still possible) that the NExT came back out with the needle or was pushed out of the wound during clean up etc. It has happened before.

It would be unlikely ( But still possible) That the NExT is faulty, and EXTREMELY unlikely that both the HF AND LF chips were faulty

Did you happen to buy an access controller with your NExT.

It has a pretty good read range and if you have a NExT in your hand, it should read it pretty easily and narrow down your search and at the very least, confirm that your NExT is under your skin

Having no photos or video is not unusual for an installer

Has your installer done any xSeries installs before?

Do you happen to recall the angle of the install? It should have been reletively flat ( Parallel ) with the skin, without experience, this would be difficult to tell if it was the “wrong” angle.
A slight downward angle more than “usual” could result in a deeper install than “usual”
Also, pushing the plunger without withdrawing the needle slightly can result in the implant taking a deep dive.

I suspect that you have a deep NExT, but purely conjecture on my part.

This isn’t a witch hunt or looking to lay the blame or “point the finger”, rather simply trying to help you find your “missing” NExT.

See this :point_up:
This is typical of Amal / Dangerous Things.

Personally, I don’t think DT are at fault here, and yet he has offered a replacement to keep you happy.
It is totally up to you of course, but I would reccomend buying yourself an Access Controller to confirm if you have a NExT inside you or not

Unless of course you have another reader you can try?

I would still also like to know:

  • Your phone model
  • how you are trying to use it ( Perpendicular to the antenna, testing duty cycle, moving slowly etc)
  • What apps you are using
  • NFC turned on
  • Phone cover removed
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I did buy an access controller with my implant, haven’t been able to use it for anything because it’s not detecting any signal from my hand. My installer was plenty familiar with dangerous things implants and had not had any issues with them before me, that’s why I assume there could have been an issue with the applicator. He was very competent and the install process is rather simple so I’m not sure where else something would have gone wrong.

If you can’t read it with a phone (HF)
If you can’t read it with an xAC (LF)
You can’t feel it
Magnet doesn’t find it
Torch can see it

It sounds like 3 possibilities, both unlikely BUT possible

A double chip fault in the NExT (or empty syringe :man_shrugging: )
Long Migration of the NExT
A mistake by the experienced installer (mistakes do happen)

Is getting an X-RAY an option?


If it’s there, youll see it


My NExT got implanted pretty deep and I could never feel it. It migrated recently and now I can feel it. From what I remember I had to program the LF before it could be seen by a reader correct? I could never detect the HF until it migrated and I’m now able to decode it and enroll it in a system. I work on access control and know quite a bit but not everything…

The t5577 chip inside should be pre-programmed as an EM4xxx 48bit ID. As long as your reader is able to understand those, it should read… but HID Prox readers, for example, won’t read or respond to it… so it really depends on what you mean by “a reader”.

Good point, I tend to generalize and refer to LF as Prox because of how I use it. Will a Flipper Zero recognize it as the 48 bit? I didn’t get mine until it was already programmed as a 26 bit.

should do yeah

I just want to mention that they did not, in fact, offer a replacement or help of any kind. I feel like I’m playing 21 questions just to be gaslit again and again. I have six phones, plus my partner’s and my assistant’s phones. I’ve tried every app I could find even the obscure ones. I bought the access controller with my implant and it hasn’t picked anything up. Magnets and flashlights find nothing. I thought this was such a cool company but I just spent several hundred dollars to get stabbed with a giant syringe for nothing and now I’m being treated like I’m stupid because I can’t find an implant that at this point I’m sure was never there. I don’t see a point in paying for an x-ray on top of it. I totally would have bought several more if it had worked or if the customer service was better but this has been a giant disappointment and a waste of money.

It’s not because we’re trying to gaslight you, it’s simply historical. We have people constantly coming to the forum or contacting us saying their chip wasn’t in the syringe or that they couldn’t find it, only to eventually find it. The reasons for having difficulty range from swelling to not knowing how to actually properly present the chip to a reader, or having expectations that are off base, like expecting the chip to be easier and like a card or fob would be… which is incorrect.

The service part is trying to troubleshoot the issue here on the forum so you can get it working. Members are really good at guiding people through this process… and they are often faster at posting than I am anyway.

To be clear, we have not yet had a chip that actually isn’t in the syringe. We did even have a single documented instance of a chip actually coming out of the injection site when the needle was withdrawn and it was found later in the trash with the syringe and gauze.

I have no idea why you’re unable to find your implant. But, if you’re interested, reply to your order confirmation email with this forum thread link and we’ll send you a free replacement NExT kit.

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