NExT not scanning with iPhone

The samsung s10 with the case has no trouble reading or writing the chip. The iPhone, even without the case, can’t even “see” it.

Damn, was just an idea after seeing the case with the xFD. It seems really dim, mines very bright with my note 9.

Yeah, that was my first thought too. Turns out the NFC antenna isn’t even covered by my case. :sweat_smile:

Do you have access to another iPhone :iphone: :nauseated_face: you can test it with?

Well we know the implant works and we know that iPhones work so not sure how another iPhone is going to help debug this particular issue. :thinking: :man_shrugging:

But then again I have reached the bottom of my idea pool.

I would disagree, if it works on somebody else’s phone, then it is likely his phone that is the issue; if it doesn’t work then it is likely the implant is too deep for the iPhone antenna, area too swollen at the moment or his read technique still needs tweaking…

Therefore, depending on result of alternative iPhone test:
Keep trying approach angles for the sweet spot
New Phone needed
reinstall implant
Allow swelling to go down


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But 2 iPhones have been tried. A third is unlikely to help :sweat_smile:

I do remember somebody mentioning a while ago, they had to use the technique as described above by amal

making a + or X but they had to push quite hard


Ahhh, I missed the 2nd iPhone (7 and XS), I was about to point out a control of ONE is not ideal.
My Bad

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In your defence, a control of 2 is still not ideal for drawing meaningful conclusions… :sweat_smile:

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Yes. An iPhone XS. The results are the same as the iPhone 7

Try the top left of the iPhone instead of the Center

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Nothing happened on both the iPhone 7 and XS. Even if directly where the nfc antenna is. :sob:

So the 7 wont as far as im aware but the XS will. I have an iphone X and works without issue with the NFC apps etc and my xNT can also be read by an XS/XR without the need for any app.

I would try with the iphone XS on the top left of the iphone with the NFC apps installed and try to scan then. It should, if the URL NDEF record is correct, just open up without the apps in the XS.

If the XS doesn’t read it with the apps and the right postion then remove the URL and try re-write it.

Is it possible that the way it is formatted is interfering with the iPhones ability to read it? The iPhones read normal round tags and the xLEDs without issue. And the NExT is clearly functioning because my S10+ can read and write without issue.

You’re still not doing the stabbing angle. This is a Samsung phone but it’s for illustration because I don’t have a iPhone (yet)… stab it.

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I figured it out. It has to be an iPhone with no case, directly stabbing like you had. The issue is… top center of the phone has to be directly in-line with the antenna on the NExT. If it is off by even 1mm the iPhone won’t read it. I had to draw a line with a pen to line up to edge of the phone with.

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tenor (21)

Now to draw that line in tattoo ink :wink:

This is such an important aspect of iPhone use that I purposely buggered an xSIID so I could record this video;


Amal, That is awesome, That will be a great reference and easier to direct people to rather than try and explain.
Also bonus points :banana: :cherries: :strawberry: :apple: for