NExT not scanning with iPhone

I recently installed a NExT in my right hand. The implant can be read and written with my Samsung S10+ and the keyboard reader without issue. However, I can’t read or write the tag from an iPhone 7 w/ app or an iPhone XS with or w/o app. It is almost as if it’s not in my hand when I scan with an iPhone. I have tried every orientation and spot even near where it is. I cannot see or feel where the actual implant is but I can tell because of the Samsung.

Edit: There is no case on the iPhones, but a case on the Samsung. I have tried rubbing the top edge of my iPhone all over the area from every different angle imaginable.

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Can you use your diagnostic card on the iphone?

You are aware the iPhone “antenna” is in a very different spot to the Samsung “antenna”?

It is along the top edge of the phone iirc although it may be different for older iPhone’s (not an apple guy)

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Yes I am. I was able to use my xLEDs to find the best orientation and location on my iPhone.

Yes. and it Worked.

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Conveniently, same spot for all iPhone models - all placed with the idea of Apple Pay - you hold your phone as you normally would and present the top edge of the phone to the terminal to pay.

How recently did you install the NExT? Swelling can take a number of days to go down before you get consistent reads. You should be positioning the iPhone with the top edge making a cross with the implant, as if you were ‘cutting’ it with the phone.

It has been 24 hours. I never had much swelling. The android works flawlessly. I have tried slowly rotating, sliding, and rubbing the top of my iPhone all over the spot.

iPhone apps on iOS 12 or earlier will not read the chip is there is not a valid ndef record on the chip. Have you confirmed there is an ndef record?

Yes, the url is on the chip and it opens without error on the android. The iPhones are running iOS 13.

Hmm the only thing left is position. You know how you kind of tap the too edge of the iphone to a payment terminal like you’re tapping the tip of a magic wand? Well when it comes to implants you want to stab the top edge of the phone directly down on the implant like you’re cutting it in half… the length of the implant should be perpendicular to the width edge of the top edge of the phone.

Nothing. I even used the xLED to get the orientation correct. I might just need to wait for it to heal a bit more so I can really try to find it.

Is it possible that the implant is too deep for the iPhone to reach but the android and KBR reader can reach it?

Can you somehow take a photo of your iphone with the XFD in the orientation you’re using to scan your implant with?

Mate, I really dislike A LOT of things about apple :nauseated_face:, but even though their tech is at least 2 years behind EVERYBODY else, it still does work.
If it was the spark original or xSLX I would understand.
Can you confirm It works with apple pay (should work easily with an active reader)
What App are you using? (sorry if I missed it above)
Have you tried TagInfo by NXP (the people that make the chips, so probably your best bet)
Also NFCTools might be worth a try

Also, have you read through this? there may be some more clues /hints for you to try

@Pilgrimsmaster why you make me defend them… I don’t want too… But… Apple ain’t bad from a tech standpoint. Like at the last 1 or 2 launches there processors have been market leading. There camara tech is in the upper echelons. There software update timeframe is by far the best… They just have certain stances as a company and make implementation choices that I dislike. But from a tech standpoint there… Fairly reasonable…

Brb got to go clean my keyboard with soap, feels dirty now.

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I’ve used NXP Writer, NXP Info, and NFC Tools. All without results.

SO still on your list of things to do / try / confirm

Android you can turn NFC on/off, can you do the same on the iPhone :nauseated_face:
try toggling it
Is your phone firmware upto date?


Can you tell I am running out of ideas :bulb: ?

This is the orientation I am trying to use. The Samsung works with the tag or led either horizontal or vertical. The iPhone only works with the led vertical, but not with the tag at all.

The NFC was lighting up the led. Then I scanned my hand, nothing happened. Then I went back to the LED and it lit up.

I’m beginning to wonder if its a range thing with the iPhone…

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Try taking the case off. Assuming you haven’t already. Seems negligible but it can make a massive difference sometimes.

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