NExT RFID + NFC Chip Implant – NExT Standard Kit


The NExT RFID + NFC Chip Implant – NExT Standard Kit

The description of this kit says " * T5577 125kHz RFID chip (preprogrammed EM41xx 40 bit ID)"
what does this mean? can this chip be erased?

  • 2x14mm cylindrical sterile bioglass implantstrong text - are these the keyrings that have a chip inside, if so are they T5577?

Which chip is preloaded in the injector is it the T5577 or NTAG216 13.56MHz?

The NExT implant is both chips in one, like this:

The T5577 is a multipurpose chip that can act like several different types of chip, this just means that it comes pre-programmed as an EM41xx which is simply one of the types it can emulate. You can overwrite this with the LF card type you need, assuming it’s compatible. You should click on any of the T5577 links here and watch the video it takes you to if you’d like to learn a little more

The keyrings don’t have any chips, just lights to help you figure out how best to use a reader, they are not meant to be implanted.