NExT rfid number change?

Hey there guys so, my college uses a card tap system to log us in or out of our classes, the it team said they don’t add a custom number to my account or even change the number so I’ve been left with the open to change the number on my implant, I have the proxmark3 and I’m am of the understanding that it is possible, I just need to know how, I want to ask here first as it’s easier then trying to find the videos or documents on my own.

If you know how to do this or have done it yourself please let me know I’d love to talk and see how it’s done.

The uid of the next is fixed and can not be changed. You need a magic implant if you want a changeable uid

Do you know if the cards your college is using are based on low-frequency or high-frequency tech? The NExT can do both, but you can’t clone an existing high-frequency card to it since it doesn’t use a Magic chip. If it’s low-frequency though, there’s a really good chance you’d be able to clone it to the LF side of the NExT.

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I thought the next was low fq rfid and high fq nfc not both the rfid and nfc

I know the uid on it and my chip seems to read on their out put as well, so it all depends on what I need to do. I think it may be high fq though.

you really need to narrow this down, so you know what your next step is

do you have a Diagnostic card and / or xFDs?

Place those onto the reader,
Your Diagnostic card may very well light up with both?

But that is still a step in the right direction.

Have you tried using a phone app to read your access card?
If it doesn’t read, you have ALMOST certainly an LF card.

Again, this card may have dual freq chips.

Shine a bright light behind the card, and see how m,any antennas you can see.

The perimiter is probably HF
Circle in the middle is probably LF

It’s all RFID. All NFC chips are just RFID chips that also comply with the narrow NFC standard.

The NExT has a 125khz T5577 chip, able to emulate a lot of different types of 125khz chips. It also has a 13.56mhz ntag216 chip which is also NFC type 2 compliant.