NExT Self Install

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I self installed my first implant, with intention of using it for basic NDEF storage (web business card), as well as rfid for access control at work and NFC for access control at home (Yamiry smart lock). I’m an EMT, and felt comfortable doing the installation myself and aside from the seemingly excessive amount of force to pierce the skin, I think it went very well and the healing process seems to be taking off already! (The video is linked below)
Currently looking into the flexsecure java card, but I want to continue learning about its possible applications in my daily life, as well as the process of programming and utilizing its capabilities first. I just need to start reaching out to anyone local who is capable of installing it. If anyone has any suggestions in the Monterey, CA area I would really appreciate your insight!


I don’t want to encourage anything illegal but being an EMT if you happened across some Xylocaine 1 or 2%, you could squirt a couple of ML subcut at the insertion sight and another couple of ML about half way up where the needle is going to go.

Then just check for any major veins and go for it yourself.

Of course, this advice should not be substituted for a proper medical opinion, and you should make sure you aren’t doing anything that could get you fired.

I self inserted a FlexM1 after self inserting a glass chip and although it is more daunting you can do it yourself.

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