NExT T5577 mode/flipper

By default the NExT is set to EM4100 mode. I have uses with the HIDProx mode, but can’t figure out how to go about it on the Flipper. Does anyone have any experience getting t5577 writing out of the box. it’s looking more and more like I’m going to need to get a Proxmark3 to get this done, am I missing something? Read ONLy shows Em4100, how do I take advantage of the other modes, and can it be done in flipper?

Dont get tied up looking fo T5577, that is just the chip, The Flipper can read and write many LF (RFID) Modes.

Do you have one (HIDProx) to copy?

if so
Just Read that
and either save and write, or simply write

If you dont have one,
Just add manually
Generic HIDProx
And add the details manually

That should be enough to get you started.

Let us know if you need more help

I do have one, reads and emulates just fine.
Every time I try to write though it just sits there for a few moments and then says might be locked. When scanning the bill it only shows the em4100. It out not scanning anything in there because it’s blank?

Also thank you. I’ve been leaning heavily on DT wording of “preprogrammed to em4100” thinking it needs to be reprogrammed to another type. I’m pretty sure the em4100 mode cannot be written to with the flipper and is only read only for that mode

Em4100 can be written with the flipper
HIDprox can be written on the flipper.

the flipper overwrites the config of the chip you’re writing onto when writing any given chipset. The reason yours isn’t writing is either positioning, you have the case on and need to take it off or your chip is password protected, the latter being unlikely as you say it’s as it was when DT sent it to you and they don’t arrive with a password on.

Use the write function and move the back center/right side of the flipper over where your chip is. It should pick it up

have you ever programmed your NExT using a cloner device other than the flipper?

Oh. My. Google.

I didn’t even think to take off the case since the NFC read and wrote just fine, and could still READ the RFID consistently.

Immediately resolved. Thank you!