Next tag migration problem

I’ve had this tag installed for almost 2 years now and during such time it has decided this is where it wants to be. The blue area is where it currently is and is almost certainly over the bone in the trapezium or very close to being over it. Is there any way to encourage it to move and stay closer to the green area. Lastly is it in a spot where it should be removed or is it okay to let it stay in its current position?

Generally, it’s going to come down to

Does it hurt or cause problems?

A lot of times chips find where they fit, and even if you wiggled them away, they might come right back because it’s a valley or divot it fits in

I’ve got 1 that’s probably way closer to a bone than it should be in my L5, but it’s never caused me any issues… it’s just maybe a BIT more sensitive if I wack it since there’s a bit less padding… but I’m fine with i

Another sits at a funny angle and kinda rubs my pointer finger tendon depending on open or closed fist… I’ve tried to move it, but apparently when my body encapsulates a chip… it’s never moving :man_shrugging:t2:

Overall it’s fine… but once in a blue moon I’ll get in an inflammation loop, where because the tendon is annoyed, the chip rubs it… making it get annoyed… so once in a while I baby it for a day and it chills out

It’s never caused me any issues other than the occasional soreness in the area that I’m assuming is caused by the tags odd position. Just wasn’t sure if it was in danger of causing a larger problem or if that was just where it decided was its happiest resting point.

It should not cause problems unless you have range of motion issues or it is indeed over bone and you feel there is a risk of pinching it between bone and an external blunt force.

It’s possible your tissue has become less dense due to diet or stress. You can try to reposition it if it moves freely, and build a little corral using toothpicks taped down to hold it in place… the take prenatal vitamins (search the forum for this)… and eat better… get better sleep… reduce stress… etc.

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