NExT vs xMagic questions/considerations

Hi everyone!
I’m new here and I had some questions about the NExT and xMagic.

When I first heard about the implants, it was the NExT that caught my eye, but now the xMagic also exists and I’m not sure which to get.

I wanted the NExT so I could use the NTAG216 chip to store date and share with friends, but is that all that this (HF) chip can do? I might also use the UID for access control and such, but are there any other applications beyond that?

I want to replace my work badge, but also be able to share contact details and such at events.

At my workplace they use Salto Access Control systems, I have yet to check what standards they support specifically, but I’ve been able to successfully clone my badge with my flipper. This is a Mifare 1K badge, for which I want to get the xMagic. We also use some DESfire badges but those are a different chip/category altogether as I understand it? For my first implant(s) I want to target multi use implants.

Which chip would you people recommend I install first? I’m currently planning on ordering both, and installing them as necessary. I also considered the idea of implanting both at the same time in both hands, but I’m not sure how good of an idea that is?
Does implanting in the main/off hand matter at all or is it just a preference thing mostly?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please let me know!


Hey @Pixl, welcome
So it seems you have pretty good understanding of your needs/use cases.
I do have the same combo NExT in p0 on my left hand and xMagic on my p0 on my right hand.
So to your questions. I use the NExT for data sharing - I keep my emergency medical information there. The lf side I use for access control of a garage at work. xMagic, same story I have NDEF setup there(because I do not have a real mifare lock). LF side I use for the access control system of the building where I am living. You can use the UIDs of the chip with something like KBR1 or unloki to either set a password on your machine same as the UID, or in the case of unloki, associate a password to UID, so when you scan your chip the device emulating a hid device will type your password.
There are plenty of projects you can play with. Like drawer locks using UIDs, car immobilisers etc etc
For the desfire case you may want to look at flexDF2.
So should you get both at the same time. It is possible but bare in mind that the x series aka the glass implants do not have a anti migration coating and they may migrate to the place with the smallest resistance under the skin. Chance for this to happen increase as you do physical activities.
Which to get first, well the one you need the most. If you like to unlock doors with xMagic, go this route, if you like to be cool and share stuff, go this route.