NExT with "compatible" door handle

I bought this door handle to use with my NExT and it shows that the two are compatible but the lock doesn’t read my implant. It reads other fobs just fine though. Am I doing something wrong?

I know I should go take a look at that lock in the compatibility matrix to figure this out but I’m mobile at the moment and somewhat distracted.

My question is, does this lock use the 125 kHz fobs or 13.56MHz side of the NExT? If it is 125 kHz, have you programmed the t5577 chip in your next implant to be something else? Like maybe an HID prox?

Also have you used the field detector keychain to figure out the correct location and orientation to present your implant to the lock with? That could be the other issue is that sufficient coupling with this lock is not occurring.


The door handle uses 125 kHz and I have not programed that side of my NExT yet. I have not tested the area with the detector but I checked with the fob and it could read it all over the black reader at the top. I ran my hand all over it for several minutes but nothing unfortunately

Yeah, do / answer all the stuff Amal said

This popped up late last year
Basically, an old post of Amals confirming it worked with NExTs, but we have seen before, that some lock designers tweak their software ( looking at you Samsung ), and an implant may no longer be compatiable

here’s more

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By default your NExT wil be in EM41xx, and the lock maybe Prox, indala etc

Therefore, can you Proxmark your working fob, and share the results…
You may need to clone/ enroll or change modes on the T5577

Personally, I would clone a working Fob to your NExT and go from there

I just checked with the detector and it didn’t find anything. Does that indicate that my implant won’t work with this model? I bought the door handle directly from the link on the Compatibility Matrix

That is a good indicator that you may well struggle.

I assume the lock battery is good!?

can you do the proxmark scan and share it?

As mentioned above, that was direct from a very old post (2016) and unfortunately, when manufacturers alter their equipment, it is out of our control.

If you cant get it to work, I hope you can return the lock…Or get a FlexEM
and I will add a note / change the YES to No in the MATRIX

I put the matrix together using information from community member’s comments and some best guesses (ie. If it works with an xM1 it should work with a FlexM etc) and included links to forum posts where possible for people to research and set realistic expectations.
An xSeries is going to struggle on most battery-powered locks, and even some mains-powered ones.
Even small manufacturing variations can make a big difference.
Sometimes a little hacking may be required ( can the antenna be brought closer to the surface!?)

I have tried to make the matrix as accurate as possible with the information I have, but without testing each and every lock with each and every implant, I can’t personally guarantee it, but I have tried my best to make it as accurate as possible.

Basically, use it as a guide ( pretty accurate guide ) but unfortunately, whilst I cant personally guarantee ALL the information contained within the Matrix it was definitely made to help others and your feedback will do that also, so thanks :+1:


UPDATE: I got it to work but I had to break off the front plastic piece because the range on the door handle is terrible


Thank you for all the help! :grin:

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Honestly, it looks better like that lol
Glad you got it working!

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The wifi pineapple sticker was the perfect fit haha Thanks!


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I added a link to your post in a note on the matrix, Thanks for that, it will help others in the future

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I couldn’t have done it without you!

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That was all your perseverance :+1:


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