NExT with ProxLF issues

No matter how I move my ProxLF antenna, the value of lf tune would not change much. However, when I try with a full size card, the voltage drops. Is this expected behaviour?

Are you always doing it on top of the large metal laptop?

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good catch

It’s actually on a ~8cm cardboard box. Usually I’d put the box on the floor, it’s on the top of the laptop temporarily to make it easier for me to take pics. Readings are still the same even if i hold it in the air

Occasionally, I managed to get an output for lf t5 detect , and even lf t5 dump , but lf tune is still around 27800-ish

After a few more read attempts with lf t5 detect, I finally managed to run lf em 410x clone succesfully. Verified it working with my office door too.

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Great stuff, we never established how fresh your install was.

Struggling to read would suggest either getting the antenna placement just right or a reduction in swelling.

I’m glad it worked for you :+1:

It’s actually almost 2 months. Around the first week, I used the infamous blue cloner, because I didnt have the proxmark yet.

I was just really struggling on the antenna placement, since I couldnt get any meaningful reading from lf tune and had to rely solely on lf t5 detect