NExT won't scan on badge readers

I have a NExT implant, bought a proxmark3, and have cloned my work badge to my implant.
The badge is a Schlage 7510M1, and is set up as a standard 26-bit HID card.
However, I can’t get my implant to successfully read on any of the badge readers.
The diagnostic card lights for 125kHz extremely dimly when held up to the reader, and I can’t get the field detector to light at all in any orientation.
A photo of one of the readers is attached. I haven’t had any luck identifying the brand or model.

Try and slide holding the LED field detector horizontally, and slowly slide it across the middle of the reader from side to side to find the sweet spot.

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Also consider wrapping your hand around the edge as much as possible… but sadly I think some readers are just crap with low power output or horribly out of tune, which means really bad performance.

FWIW, that reader appears to be theXceedID XF 1050-K that has a replacement model available, the PR10 which appears to be about $76 USD…maybe you can convince your employer to replace it?

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