NFC access control

I know dangerous things sells the xEM access control system but I was wondering if there was any plan to make an NFC controlled system. Alternatively, would it be possible to convert an xEM access controller to NFC by changing the antenna?

No unfortunately it’s much more than the antenna. The circuitry, and software are all very distinct. The xAC for example only works with 1 type of LF tag. Also swapping “antennas” in RFID systems if far from simple.

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Dang. I guess I’ll have too look into other options, or another implant! Thanks for the answer!

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What’s the usecase? There are plenty of things that work with HF tags, if we know more we may be able to direct you better.

I don’t have a specific usage in mind yet, but the chip I ordered is NFC, so I wanted to know what options I had. Something like a garage door controller or a car start comes to mind, but I was mostly interested in how open to development the xEM access controller is

There are definitely options for that stuff. I’m more experienced with the DIY elements myself. Hooking up a reader with an Arduino to a relay is fairly simple as far as DIY electronics projects go which would emulate the xAC functionality for HF chips.

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People usually use one of the PN532 modules and an Arduino if they want to use HF chips for access control. Unfortunately the verified ones on the DT store are sold out at the moment. The modules are very common though. Search for PN532 on the forum and you’ll see some other threads where people have discussed where to purchase good ones.

There’s also the Open Source Deadbolt project. We’re still trying to get a lock manufacturer on board, I think, but when that’s finished it will work with HF chips.