NFC App for iPhone


I was wondering if your app “Dangerous NFC” works with iPhones? I’m really keen to get the xNT and xEM, however if I can’t get the “Dangerous NFC” app on my iPhone 6 I don’t see a point in getting the implants. OR is there a workaround for IOS users?

Hi Micky,

There is a lot of confusion around Apple’s use of NFC in new iPhones. The fact of the matter is, regardless of what some websites say, the only thing iPhones can do is ApplePay, and this won’t be changing with software updates. The reason is that the NFC chip they selected can only perform what’s called “passive tag emulation”. That chip does not have the ability to generate a magnetic field of its own, thus it cannot interrogate other passive tags. Simply put, there is no physical way for any current iPhone to read NFC tags.

Probably, we will have to wait a little bit more… :frowning_face:

Any device newer (and not including!) an iPhone X now support “passive tag scanning”

Seems to work great :slight_smile:

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