NFC Broadcast / relay

Hey all,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to broadcast an nfc tag? I don’t mean to read one, I mean to broadcast NDEF data such as a URL etc. I know there have been others who have used rfid readers to read rfid covertly (tastic rfid thief) over a decent distance but what about broadcasting a tag? Obviously I’m not talking about using an implant.

Active tags are a thing however in my experience they only broadcast the uid.

Ok thanks I’ll have to do a bit of reading, I found a decent infographic showing the differences.

Looks like active tags are still limited due to the receiver. For example a smartphone might ‘see’ the tag but the response probably won’t get back.

check into Bluetooth Low Energy advertising packets and some new stuff I think Apple is working on like “app snippets” which can be “loaded” by NFC or Bluetooth LE beacons that point to the snippet URL.

Thanks Amal, I’ll do some reading!

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