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Hello colleagues, look I use a password manager which has a master password, I also have some other master password in total about 5 passwords, which I do not keep there, currently saved on paper by hidden house. My idea would be to save those passwords on an nfc card, now I would like to protect it with a password. What happens is that password protection only serves to not be able to write on it, that is, it has a password you can read it but you cannot write, I would like you to have to put a password to read, do you know if this is possible? on one of my implants, but I couldn’t password protect it so if anyone read my implant they would have my passwords.

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Have you considered something like KeyPass?
The reason I ask is, that will likely be one of the applets for the Vivokey Apex when it is hopefully released in Autumn :fallen_leaf: ( Northern Hemisphere )

VivoKey KeePass

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interesting, I’ll take a look

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Also recommend keepass or last pass for password management.

You could use the chip ID as the master password (make sure you get a copy of this beforehand) then with. A KBR1 as an easy solution to scan/type it when needed


Gunna toss my hat in the ring for Keepass as well its my favorite manager by far and its hosted locally which is nice.


Just to be different, if you want something cloud hosted and multi-device, Bitwarden is fantastic! It’s also open source for if you want to self-host

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I like last pass been using if for 4+ years

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I have been meaning to set up pass open source and simple

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You can achieve this using NFC Tools app.

You can encrypt/decrypt your passwords and show on request. It can prompt you to enter key you used to decrypt the passwords.

It should be fairly simple to make.

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Very goood!!! :smiley:

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