NFC coins are a thing now?

I found a NFC coin.

Looks like an interesting way to make sure something is authentic.


:thinking: gold is biosafe right? :rofl:


i seem to remember having the conversation about implants being worth more than gold…

@Backpackingvet interesting indeed, i wounder if they account for the weight of the tag in the bullion if not thats a nice little racket right there, each one is slightly underweight because of the tag but it would still weigh 1oz…


In weight, they are - about 10x more. But then, many other things are: comparing almost anything to gold is ridiculous because the value represents two different things - rarity and speculative value for gold, manufacturing and QC costs for implants.


Hehe yes It was an ironic statement about the cost of gold being absolutely ridiculous as a measure of currency.


I thought it technically is.

I couldn’t find. Why not just use the gold as the tag already? But yeah, it does seem fishy. I think they add them so they can charge a premium. At the end of the day, silver is silver.

I agree. I only buy it cause I know the history of it.

I agree. I only have bought silver because that goes up steady over years. The more electronics that get made will make the price go up eventually. Definitely not get rich quick thing.


It is! The problem is that gold is extremely soft and it basically becomes atomized, floating around inside the body. Hard to recover. Need lots of acid :wink:

Very do able.

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Wrong kind…

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I know what you meant. source (1)

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Fun fact
There is actually around 0.2mg of gold in everybody, mostly in the blood.
I’ve done the imperial conversion for you non Metric types that’s 7.055 × 10-5 ounce…

74 freedom units.


Haha, I really want to put up a picture I saw the other day, but I don’t want to offend ( Well not behind a keyboard ) I would show you in person.

So for that reason

I wish I could like this twice, just for the sheer funny.


@leumas95 “do it”
I really want to, but like I said, not from behind a keyboard…